Spider-Man: Homecoming Review (Hold the Uncle Ben) 

Director: Jon Watts

Producer: Kevin Feige, Amy Pascal

Production Company: Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios, Pascal Pictures

Distributed by: Sony Pictures 


Verdict: (7/10) It’s good and it’s different. The signature Spidey theme is no longer just a cameo, it’s a presence. It’s not perfect, but it’s good for what it is in the MCU. 


Here we are with another Spider-Man movie and this time it’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe! 

Did the movie hurt you? Did you find the tone of this MCU film a bit too different? 


Spider-Man is a teenage kid and a n00b (fresh blood/still quite new to it all when you compare him to the Avengers) of a Super Hero…well, in the MCU he is though. 

He is young, fresh, very close portrayed to his Marvel Animated Universe Spidey’s personality… and quite a few other Universe variation personalities as well. 

This ultimately (Not an intensional reference to the Ultimate Spider-Man) means that he portrays a more light hearted tone with his personality, conversations and mannerisms. 

The way he kicks butt and gets his handed to him as well? That pretty much is just part of the “Welcome to the Big Boys Club, kid. You may now Don the big boys pants 👖”  


It’s Spider-Man: Homecoming! 


Young Spidey, Younger and stunning looking Aunt May, Father figure Tony Stark, Spidey’s Chair guy, rebellious MJ and Michael Keaton as The Bird-and-obviously-not-a-Bat-man!


Watch it, like it and let’s get psyched for Ragnarok, alright? 


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