Chip ‘n ‘Cino Reviews #4

A quick Winter’s morning decision and one we did NOT regret. 

We headed out to see Spider-Man: Homecoming and to have our late lunch afterwards before heading back for home. 


Stoneridge has a beautiful selection of different restaurants just as Greenstone has it’s own, but yesterday we went over to Stoneridge’s Wimpy. 

The place has had its own renovations over the past few years and it’s still changing and growing. Pretty soon you might just be able to see some go-cart action there as well. 


The Mother & Daughter team here ordered their usual at Wimpy, with a little difference. 

Toasted Cheese and Tomato and a Cremacino. (Mother’s order) 

Two ✌ Frankfurters and chips with Coca-Cola. (Daughter’s Order) 


The Mother: “The Cremacino had nice cream and the coffee was not too bad.  The toasted cheese and tomato on brown bread was already cold, but not totally tasteless. The chips was at least hot and crispy.” 


The Daughter: “The frankfurters were done very well. The taste and texture of both the frankfurters and the chips. The frankfurters were nice and soft and yet not too soft, which is just perfect for me. The Chips are always different from the frankfurters, but that’s always a good thing though. One of the things I love about the Chips I eat is how dry it will often look along with the light crisp texture on the outside. Then there’s the lovely fluff of softness on the inside. No excess oil, no sloppiness, no chippy that looks like it drowned in an oil bath 🛀. Perfect lunch, thank you.”

A great late lunch and a good way to end the day. 

Thank you Stoneridge Wimpy for serving us! ♥ 


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