Chip ‘n ‘Cino Reviews #3

Still around the Greenstone area before we look out for other areas, we stopped by Greenstone Mall one last time. 

Today we are At Greenstone Mall’s 7 Eagles Spur. This place has recently been renovated and we thought that it would be nice for our last Greenstone restaurant visit to be this one here. Our usual order as always at any Spur: 

Cappuccino with Cream (the Mom’s order) 

Large plate of chips and Coca-Cola (the Daughter’s order) 


The Mother’s verdict: “The cream of the cappuccino had a very nice vanilla type of sweet taste.  Not the type of coffee ☕ I would drink without sugar so I added one brown sugar. Nice taste though” 


The Daughter’s verdict: “Just perfect 👌 ♥ ♥ ♥.  Golden color, dry and crispy-like on the outside with that wonderful warm-crisp taste as well as that soft and fluffy texture on the inside. Amazingly beautiful and you can see, feel and taste how fresh these chips were without a doubt. Love it! ”



Thank you, 7 Eagles Spur for serving us! Hope to see you again soon. 


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