Chip ‘n ‘Cino reviews #2

 Our Chip ‘n ‘Cino adventure continues as we head out to McDonald’s in Stoneridge – just across from Greenstone Mall.  

Stoneridge has been doing renovations around this part of the area and I’m pretty curious to what it’ll look like when they are finished. 
One of the places that have already finished in the renovation and moving process was McDonald’s and so here we are.  
What did we have? :

Super Size Fries/Extra large fries 🍟 (my order) 

Blueberry muffin &  cappuccino (the mother) 

The mother’s view: “The Blueberry muffin was freshly baked.  In fact, 4 hours old.  They don’t have cream cappuccino, but the foam is perfect 👌 and they make use of good coffee ☕.  I enhanced the flavour with two brown sugars, but you can drink it without.” 
My view : “Personally, I often have no problems with McDonald’s fries 🍟 in the overall as they are often dry and crisp on the outside and soft and nice on the inside. A plus is that they are always served with salt added on already. The only downside is that food gets cold fast in the winter, so the waiting isn’t always a good thing ”

Thank you Stoneridge McDonald’s for serving us and hope to see you again soon. 

To see what Chip ‘n ‘Cino reviews is all about, please have a look at our first Chip ‘n ‘Cino review 


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