Chip ‘n ‘Cino reviews 

Chip ‘n ‘Cino: 

A review blog/vlog about Chips/fries and Cremacino. 

In South Africa we have a number of restaurants that either stand out as something unique or as one of many franchise restaurants. As someone who is unable to eat most things anywhere out here, I’m often left with my usual limited choices to choose.  

Here we would like to Thank, Mention and point out great service to the places we visit to review our usual orders. 
It’s the 9th of June 2017 and  Today we went to Greenstone Mall’s Wimpy. A place I haven’t really went to all too often, but I’ve been there enough to see how it has changed and grown. 
Usual order at Wimpy was Frankfurters and Chips and my mom ordering her usual Cremacino. 

The Verdict :

The Mom: “I love a lot of cream on a Cremacino. This is medium but still enough. The cream was fresh and the coffee excellent. Will come back.” 
Me: “The Frankfurters were excellent, perfectly made. As for the chips – it was wonderfully light crispy on the outside and soft in the inside,  no wetness, not sloppy, just perfect along with some salt. All this with good service.” 
Here’s to a good day and a great lunch. Love every moment you get. 


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