The Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – Premiere Event (Sandton City)

Now with added photos of the Force XD


The new Star Wars movie is here and what a day it was. How did it start for someone like me? Well, I woke up unsurprisingly early and even though it was nowhere near the time for malls to be opening, I was already so excited and couldn’t wait to see the movie with so many of my friends. Though, with some difficulties that have hit me for a week already, it’s been difficult to keep track of some of the plans I’ve made with others for this special day…but alas the force had abandoned me in this moment of need. Regardless of the situation, the Force would reunite me with my allies.

Getting ready, I had become the Dark Knight based from one of my own designs. Bruce Wayne was about to crossover to the Star Wars Universe and for a day become a Jedi. Well, a Jedi Bruce…

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