The Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – Premiere Event (Sandton City)

The new Star Wars movie is here and what a day it was. How did it start for someone like me? Well, I woke up unsurprisingly early and even though it was nowhere near the time for malls to be opening, I was already so excited and couldn’t wait to see the movie with so many of my friends. Though, with some difficulties that have hit me for a week already, it’s been difficult to keep track of some of the plans I’ve made with others for this special day…but alas the force had abandoned me in this moment of need. Regardless of the situation, the Force would reunite me with my allies.


Getting ready, I had become the Dark Knight based from one of my own designs. Bruce Wayne was about to crossover to the Star Wars Universe and for a day become a Jedi. Well, a Jedi Bruce Wayne who probably isn’t afraid of being attached to a little pink under the sleeve.

As Bruce Wayne, my communication with Alfred became radio silent and all I could hear was the mechanical breathing of Darth Vader. My gut was already telling me that I was getting dangerously close to the Sith of the past and future…or maybe it was just me being a bit hungry.


Greeted by our Jedi Leader and organizer of this Star Wars Premiere Event, Samantha Marais (SamSecrets), I proceeded and treaded carefully past Darth Riven and Kylo Ren (Sliding Doors’ Cosplay). It was a fun event where fans could Cosplay as Star Wars characters or wear Star Wars themed shirts to the movie as a group. It was great to see everyone and to have a moment to take photos and catch-up with some friends…even if it was only for a while. For those who wanted to duel-it-out with lightsabres, there was a duelling stage. All I could do was watch and be amazed as Sith and Jedi clashed with lightsabres (That moment where a youngling defeated a Sith though). You might say that the Force was so strong at the event that we even had two people of the Star Trek Enterprise among us…which we kept an eye on thoroughly… I wouldn’t be surprised if someone was keeping an eye on me either. After all, we know that Batman defeated Vader at least once in a crossover.


We had some interesting entrances as well as a big BB-8 (Cosplay Weirdos) that made an appearance and a man braver than us all to play the role as Slave Leia. The Force was truly strong with him. With so many at attendance and the time flying by, it was time to take a group photo upon the duelling stage.


The Darkside promises cookies, but the Light had a three-layer cake. There was Yoda layer, Chewbacca layer and then there was Darth Vader layer (which I shall now name the “Chosen One” layer because Light side). However, as I stood in-line for the movie, I had moments where I lit-up my borrowed lightsabre, touched sabres with a Sith, learned from Master Jedi, talked to a female Han Solo (With plush Chewbacca) and a couple of Rey’s, experienced the biggest lie in darkside history…the cookies. One of our Darth Vader’s held up a small packet of cookies, attempting to win over fans to the darkside… Though, I suspect Vader was going to keep the cookies to himself.

The line was starting to move and we were checking-in our tickets (“Five republic credits!” I said) receiving our 3D movie glasses and walking underneath another deception designed by the darkside? We walked underneath a Kung Fu Panda 3 sign thing which I admit…the darkside is truly tempting us all.


I was but a Bat in a world of the Force, tempted by the Darkside’s cookies and Kung Fu Panda 3… I needed to be brave, for I was the Vengeance, I was the Night, I was a Jedi… Back at Gotham I’m also Batman awaiting to someday meet my Catwoman or Nightwing, by the way. I was distracting myself by making Yoda win in the promotional 3D Lego Star Wars keychain.


The Final Countdown was upon us. It was almost 5PM and I had to travel the narrow spaces in the cinema and out. Bruce Wayne does not watch a movie without popcorn (not even as a Jedi). When I returned, shizz was about to get real…and you know it’s about to get real when the gloves come off…and my vambraces. It simply feels better to eat popcorn without the comfort and flexibility restriction that comes with gloves and vambraces. The giveaways started, hosted by our Jedi Leader SamSecrets. We could only do a number of giveaways before the movie started, the rest had to be done after the movie.


When the movie started, the best fan atmosphere started to awaken as well. The moments of laughter from humour, the moments with gasps, applause, the love of the fans for Star Wars was truly felt.


This might have been one of my first experiences, Cosplaying to a movie or movie event, but I doubt that it would be a last. The event was great, the movie was excellent and watching it in 3D with over 200 fans at attendance (at Sandton City’s Ster Kinekor) was amazing.


To those who organized everything and those who attended:

Thank you all for making this an awesome and amazing day to remember.

  • by Daiki Daniella Dani – Silver Angel C

This Event Review was originally written by Me (Silver Angel C) and NOT BY or FOR anyone in All Otaku Online/Mag, neither was I asked to write this for them, I was asked to write an article on this event because that’s one of the things I do. Though I did submit this article to them, it was never approved for posting in time and well…shit happens. No worries hey.


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